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Culture and Traditions

Of course, we are not going to


Nations of Central Asia are very proud

Narzullaev Family Ceramic and Embroidery Workshop in Gijduvan

Located about 30 minuted drive from Bukhara,

Vegetarian traditions in the land of meat lovers

Booming tourism industry means that many local

Plov – Undisputed King of Uzbek Cuisine!

These are words of Caroline Eden and

Mulberry Paper Making Workshop in Samarkand

Visit picturesque traditional workshop of Mukhtarov brothers
Uzbek Cuisine Veres Vert

Uzbek Food

Food of Central Asia is a reflection
Tajikistan Veres Vert


Diverse culture, high mountains and picturesque valleys,
Kyrgyzstan Veres Vert


Beautiful mountains and lakes, great nomadic traditions
Kazakhstan Veres Vert


Vast steppes and mountainous valleys, ancient mausoleums
Turkmenistan Veres Vert


Unique mix of ancient history, rich culture,
Registan Square Veres Vert


Crossroad of civilizations for three millennia, land
Suzani Veres Vert

Classical Uzbekistan with Nukus (2 weeks)

Relax and spend more time not just
Shakhi Zinda Veres Vert

Superfast Highlights of Uzbekistan (4 days)

City-break (or rather three cities break) to
Juma Mosque Veres Vert

Along the Silk Road and the Great Game Paths (2 weeks)

Be in shoes of medieval caravan traders
Choyhona Teahouse Veres Vert
Best Seller

Golden Road to Samarkand (11 nights)

Relax and spend more time not just