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  1. Visa-free regime applies in the following cases:- for 30 days – for nationals of 53 countries, including almost all European states, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Israel,  Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina and Chile;- for 60 days – for nationals of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Ukraine;- for any foreign children up to 16 years old with biometric travel document, but accompanied by the adult legal representatives, and they can stay in Uzbekistan for the duration of the visa of the accompanying person (no more than 90 days);- for up to 5 days – nationals of 101 countries (see the list in the bottom of this page) when they transit Uzbekistan, but must arrive in and depart from Uzbekistan on the Uzbekistan Airways flights, presenting your airline ticket on arrival at the airport.-  diplomats accredited in Uzbekistan and their family members, if they are nationals of China, Hungary, Vietnam, Brazil, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia, Kuwait.
    1. Electronic visa procedure:

    – nationals of 76 countries (see the list below) can apply via E-Visa Portal – – by filling one-page simple application, as well as uploading your photo and copy of passport’s main page (instructions – ). You would register your email and pay $20 (single entry for 30 days) or $35 (two entries during 30 days) or $50 (multiple during 30 days).

    1. Algeria

    2. Antigua & Barbuda

    3. Egypt

    4. Barbados

    5. Belize

    6. Venezuela

    7. Uruguay

    8. Gabon

    9. Qatar

    10. Grenada

    11. Sri-Lanka

    12. Dominican Republic

    13. Jordan

    14. China

    15. North Korea

    16. Guyana

    17. Bahrain

    18. Bhutan

    19. Cambodia

    20. Morocco

    21. Saudi Arabia

    22. Thailand

    23. Tonga

    24. Laos

    25. Lebanon

    26. Maldives

    27. Mexico

    28. Bolivia

    29. Bangladesh

    30. Samoa

    31. South Africa

    32. Albania

    33. Angola

    34. Vanuatu

    35. Ghana

    36. Guatemala

    37. Honduras

    38. India

    39. Cape -Verde

    40. Cameroon

    41. Kiribati

    42. Colombia

    43. Costa Rica

    44. Сote D’Ivoire

    45. Cuba

    46. North Macedonia

    47. Marshall Islands

    48. Nauru

    49. Nicaragua

    50. Palau

    51. Panama

    52. Paraguay

    53. Peru

    54. Seychelles

    55. Senegal

    56. Surinam

    57. Trinidad & Tobago

    58. Fiji

    59. Philippines

    60. Ecuador

    61. El-Salvador

    62. Sent-Vincent & Grenadines

    63. Saint-Lucia

    64. Solomon Islands

    65. Bahamas

    66. Commonwealth odd Dominican Republic

    67. Unites States of America

    68. Vietnam

    69. Oman

    70. Tunisia

    71. Nepal

    72. Micronesia

    73. St. Kitts and Nevis

    74. Jamaica

    75. Hong Kong

    76. Iran


    1. If you are not a national of mentioned above e-visa regime countries or if you are in that list, but prefer to have a visa sticker in your passport before travelling, you can always submit an application to the diplomatic mission of Uzbekistan, either yourself or via the tour agency. For this you would need:

    . copy of the letter of invitation from inviting party in Uzbekistan (from a licensed tour agency, i.e. us);
    . copy of all pages of the passport, excluding blank pages;
    · 2 copies of duly completed and signed visa application form – ;
    · 2 passport-size colored photos.

    In such case visa fee varies dependending on length of stay, number of entries and if you are applying individually or as a group. For example, 7 days single entry is $40 + consular charge or 15 days single is $50 + CC, while each additional entry is another $10. Please, check the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate nearest to you (list and contacts: ).

    NB: Be careful if you chose to use services of courier or visa agencies in your countries, as they sometimes charge inadequate extra fees and even give you inappropriate information about the Uzbek visa requirements and decision making process.

    In certain cases, you can apply for your visa sticker to be issued upon arrival in Tashkent International Airport, but only if you are planning to fly from the country, which does not have the diplomatic mission of Uzbekistan.  In this case the inviting entity in Uzbekistan (for example our company) must apply in advance to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in due order, get visa confirmation (stamp) of the Visa Division of the Consular Department and forward it to you. This confirmation should be shown while buying an air-ticket and passing through passport control and the visa itself to be issued on its basis upon arrival at the Visa Section of the MFA Uzbekistan at the Tashkent International Airport.

    passport or document of stateless person, expiry date of which must exceed the visa’s period of validity not less than 3 months;