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Diverse Central Asia

Cradle of the Great Silk Road and major religions, once the centre of huge empires and scientific ex-cellence – Central Asia is a must-see and a must-feel for any lover of history, culture, nature, food and many other things that any intellectually curious traveller can imagine and appreciate. It is also a very stable region with a hospitable environment and modern multi-ethnic societies.

Our Approach

We prefer calling our clients as guests and partners, trying to tailor each itinerary and programme to their expectations. This individual approach allows us to be honest about what is possible, although we often deliver what others consider to be “impossible”. Thus our guests come from all kinds of backgrounds (from retired culture lovers to millennials up to VVIPs on private jets).

Our Team

The senior team started working in the tourism sector back in the mid 90s, while their experience and contacts are combined by the energetic and young group of specialists. We speak eight languages and proudly represent the multiethnic “melting pot” of Uzbekistan with our head office in the fable Samarkand. See more about us

Unique Experience

Tailor-made tours mean combining classic itineraries of must-see sites with diverse experiences that make our guests’ trips truly unforgettable. Whether you would like to learn how to cook Uzbek Plov or to make mulberry paper with your own calligraphy, or to ride on the camels and sleep in a yurt – each and many other experiences are waiting for you!

Range of Services and Safety

In an age of e-trade and “independent” travel, many still find it easier, safer and less daunting to tailor their trips with a reliable and experienced local partner. With our exclusive hotels and service-providers’ discounts (plus our own bus fleet and certified guides), the total cost is the same or even lower but the impressions and memories that you make are everlasting. We pay great importance to Health & Safety Policy, closely working with international partners to provide all services according to their strict standards.

International Partners

We have longstanding and fruitful DMC partnerships with a number of respectable travel companies across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We would be happy to suggest them if you advise us about your location and preferences. And if you are running a travel company and looking for expanding your portfolio of tours to Central Asia, you are more than welcome to join our partnership network.

Most Popular Tours

Khiva Veres Vert

Fable Uzbekistan (1 week)

Visit legendary Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva with their magnificent architecture and ancient traditions, see capital city Tashkent with famously beautiful Metro stations, theatres and museums. Experience a unique culture and
Choyhona Teahouse Veres Vert
Best Seller

Golden Road to Samarkand (11 nights)

Relax and spend more time not just visiting, but truly experiencing history and culture of Khiva’s tale castle, spirit and traditions of holy Bukhara, imperial beauty of Samarkand, as well
Juma Mosque Veres Vert

Along the Silk Road and the Great Game Paths (2 weeks)

Be in shoes of medieval caravan traders and the Great Game explorers making full circle along the most important sites of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Experience diverse history and traditions, as
Shakhi Zinda Veres Vert

Superfast Highlights of Uzbekistan (4 days)

City-break (or rather three cities break) to Uzbekistan is possible now with flights at least twice a week from over 40 international destinations and high-speed train between Tashkent, Samarkand and
Suzani Veres Vert

Classical Uzbekistan with Nukus (2 weeks)

Relax and spend more time not just visiting, but truly experiencing history and culture of Khiva’s tale castle, spirit and traditions of holy Bukhara, imperial beauty of  Samarkand, as well


Registan Square Veres Vert


Crossroad of civilisations for three millennia, land of legends, birthplace
Turkmenistan Veres Vert


Unique mix of ancient history, rich culture, magnificent nature and
Kazakhstan Veres Vert


Vast steppes and mountainous valleys, ancient mausoleums and futuristic skyscrapers.
Kyrgyzstan Veres Vert


Beautiful mountains and lakes, great nomadic traditions and warm hospitality.
Tajikistan Veres Vert


Diverse culture, high mountains and picturesque valleys, citadels of Alexander

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Tour Reviews

Edward Evans

Superfast Highlights of Uzbekistan (4 days)

The trip was fantastic – fascinating sites and a wealth of new experiences. Organisation from your end was meticulous in all respects and added a great deal to what was already a wonderful trip. The guides were personable and informed, the hotels well chosen (particularly with the scenic location in Bukhara), and the itinerary thorough without being overwhelming. Many thanks for your support in what was a highly memorable trip.
Edward Evans
Traveled in April 2019

Peter Shekleton

Superfast Highlights of Uzbekistan (4 days)

I decided to organise a short trip with friends to Uzbekistan after reading an article in the Financial Times saying it was possible to fly from London and visit some of the most iconic silk road cities in 4 days due to the recent introduction of high speed railway in the between the major cities. I contacted Veres-Vert who were recommend in the article and they organised everything for us very efficiently and quickly. It was a really unique and eye-opening trip and would not have been possible without the great help of the agency who arranged air and group transportation, accommodation, guides and excursions. Although we had such a limited time we really felt we fitted a lot in from culture, monuments, food and general atmosphere. We managed even to have some downtime and enjoy some great meals whilst seeing Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara all in 4 days!
Our guide was very knowledgeable and spoke fluent English, our transportation was a brand new and air conditioned bus and everything felt authentic and genuine. I would highly recommend this agency for travel in the region and will certainly be going back to discover more of the sights and sounds of central Asia!
Peter Shekleton
Travelled in May 2019